For many of us, our pets are an extension of our family. We want the best for them and become concerned about their comfort and safety. If you have been thinking of adding concrete flooring to your Ottawa home but are concerned about its effects on your dog(s), here are some things to think of.

Why concrete flooring in Ottawa is great for pet owners.

Pet Hair

To some degree or other, all dogs shed their fur. Polished concrete is excellent for handling unwanted pet hair. Polished concrete will repel the shedding, unlike carpeting that absorbs the hair (and any odours). It is also easy to sweep up and keep tidy.

Comfort Control

Polished concrete is comfortable in summer and winter. In the summer, the coolness of the floor is a comfort to your pup. In the winter months, it will absorb the heat from the sun during the day and then gradually release it through the cooler nighttime hours. This will make your heating and cooling units more efficient and make your pet happier.


Polished concrete is so easy to clean and keep clean that it amazes most people. Your dog deserves a clean and sanitary place to eat, sleep, and play. The low maintenance of concrete flooring is just that surface.


If you are worried that concrete flooring will look harsh and industrial, that is certainly not the case. It is a natural product, and when polished, it has been shiny for many years. Unlike stained or painted concrete, polished floors look chic just the way they are.


Every time you move furniture in a carpeted room, you need to struggle with the flooring, and then you have those unsightly depressions to deal with. Cleaning carpets from pet mishaps is expensive. Dog’s paw nails getting caught in the carpeting fibres is unpleasant for all concerned. None of these are issues with polished concrete.

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From a practical standpoint, these are some of the reasons you should consider polished concrete flooring in your home that you share with your furry friend. It is much more pet-friendly than carpeting, vinyl or hardwood. If you want durable, beautiful and affordable concrete flooring in Ottawa, contact us. We provide concrete floor leveling solutions in Ottawa and the surrounding area.