Concrete is one of those underrated materials that can be used in many more ways than to pave a driveway, build a patio, or set a foundation. It can become elegant or modern, rustic or Bohemian, just by its application and the surrounding accents. Here are some uses for self leveling concrete in Ottawa, and you might be surprised by one or two.

Creative uses for concrete.

Interior Walls

Yes, you can build your walls out of concrete, and you will have a sturdy house that will last for quite some time. Accenting with wood or other natural materials, you will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Garden Wall

This is a basic in many landscapes. Sometimes, it is necessary to delineate your property line as a retaining wall. However, it is merely an accent piece that can double as a seating area or a flat surface for drinks or planters from a decorating standpoint.


Adding texture to the exterior of your home, go with a concrete chimney.


This is becoming more and more popular, especially using self-levelling products. It becomes visually attractive with the addition of colour or minerals. Easy to keep clean, it is a durable product that is hypoallergenic and pet-friendly.


For stairways that will be sturdy and functional, go with concrete.

Room Dividers

Concrete is easily constructed to fit any space or shape. It can be the difference between rooms having individual personalities and a single large area that becomes unidentifiable.


Look up. That’s right. Ceilings can be constructed out of concrete. The condo builder or apartment architect can create visual interest and still be sturdy and functional.


Need more seating area in your dining nook or kitchen. Try a banquette made from concrete. Add colour or texture, and you are ready for a crowd at breakfast.

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As you can tell, concrete has many uses in and around the home. Concrete can be decorative and is durable and easy to maintain. Concrete is also versatile so that it can be used in a variety of settings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the home of your dreams using self leveling concrete in Ottawa.