You have undoubtedly heard of self-levelling concrete in Ottawa in its use for floors. You may even be thinking of it for your next home project. However, it may not be the best DIY project.

Here is some information for you to consider.

Self-levelling cement is polymer-modified cement that uses far less water than traditional mixes. This will leave you with a smooth and flat floor with high strength when compressed and low permeability. It is often used to repair existing flooring. It is also a good base for other top flooring layers like laminate, stone, tile, and wood.

Adding cement-based based powdered mixtures to concrete results in a product that will fill any dips or bumps, and once evened with a trowel, the floor is perfectly level.

This is a job that an amateur should avoid, and here is why:

  • If the mix is not adequately prepared, the cement will not last very long. If the underlay is not properly prepared, there will be bouncing or movement that will cause the cement to crack prematurely.
  • Any mistakes are difficult to fix after the floor is finished.
  • It takes experience to know how to handle this product.
  • Several manufacturers offer this concrete, but each has its own set of instructions and processes. If not followed precisely, you will not get the result you want.

One of the most challenging elements is making sure the surface is even. Professionals will have the correct tools to do the job right the first time. Purchasing additional tools that you may never use again is simply a waste of money.

A professional has had experience with this process. They will understand the variables like temperatures, moisture, and other issues affecting the result. This can include the speed at which the mixture can be dealt with, application time, resting time, curing, varying amounts of water-based on humidity, etc.

As mentioned, several manufacturers offer this product for sale. Each has its own variants, including ratios and application. The professional will understand which product will be preferred for your particular use and be able to explain the difference in expected results. Some of the differences include the need for a primer, consistency, and curing time.

If you have questions, contact our office for further details on self leveling concrete in Ottawa.