Self leveling concrete is becoming very popular as preparation for tile or vinyl flooring or as a stand-alone option for floors in various rooms. It is cost-effective and still durable and attractive.

What is self-levelling concrete

Self-levelling concrete is a mixture that is much like traditional concrete, except that this material flows easier and cures (sets up) faster. This substance is pumped or poured into a frame and then spread using a special gauge rake. As the concrete dries, it moves to an even level without other intervention.

This is frequently used as an underlayment for carpet, tile or other floor covering. It will be set up within about an hour or two and, after six hours, can be ready to receive its covering.

Self-levelling concrete contains a high amount of polymers. These are glue-like molecules that bond the product into a solid mass. Self-levelling concrete uses less water but still maintains the fluidity necessary for floor leveling. While it is more expensive than traditional concrete, it is beneficial in avoiding the complete replacement of existing, damaged concrete. Using a mere half-inch of self-levelling concrete, the surface is restored, and you are looking at a nice surface again.

Can Self-leveling concrete be used in finished floors?

If you have a surface that can’t be repaired using traditional concrete patching but is not so bad that it requires mudjacking or a complete replacement, then self-levelling concrete could be your answer. It is equally usable as a solution to complete demolition of a subfloor or even foundation.

It can also be used as a stand-alone surface. The addition of colour or other finishes makes a lovely accent piece or backsplash in the kitchen or bath.

Generally, self-levelling concrete is appropriate for interior flooring, either as a subfloor or stand-alone. It may be fine for a garage floor, but exterior uses should be avoided. It is fine for anything interior that is horizontal but not appropriate for walls. In businesses, it should not be used in situations of heavy equipment or harsh chemicals.

Using Self Leveling Concrete

If you think this is a good product for your use, contact Ontario Self Leveling Concrete today. Without the proper knowledge base, you risk turning a minor issue into a significant problem that will cost significantly more in the long run, so it is key to hire an expert.