Designing and redesigning restaurant spaces is very specific. The area needs to be durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic, scraping chairs and spills. It also needs to be sanitary at all times but yet look excellent and appealing to the customers. Concrete flooring fills all these needs.

Here are some details:


The use of polished concrete in the back of the house where the food is prepared as well as in the front where the customers are served is one of the best choices. It can handle much daily wear and tear and still remains scratch-free and sleek. It will outlast other surfaces like carpeting, vinyl, or wood.


Mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner is the recommendation for most suppliers. Daily sweeping to remove any dust or debris is simple. Wiping spills as soon as they happen will keep everything looking nice all of the time. Unlike other materials, it won’t need professional attention.

Slip Resistance

Highly polished concrete can indeed be slippery underfoot. However, by reducing the amount of polish and the use of surface treatment, they can be pretty safe. Acid washes and special seals make great treatments for these floors. A clear epoxy coating is another excellent option. It will still leave the effect of polished concrete but is more resistant to chemicals. Epoxy has the option of adding colour so that different areas can be identified easily. In addition to colour, additives like flakes will add some sparkle. You may prefer a textured marble finish or metallic glow to add ambiance.

Short Curing Time

If you are hoping to reduce the time to opening, self-levelling concrete is a great choice. Depending on the size and complexity, most pours can be completed in three or four days. Large spaces will require more time, but certainly within a week.


For style and ambiance, polished concrete is the way to go. It can be customized to make the statement you want to convey at reasonable prices. Whether it is modern and sleek, or rustic, the floor will complement your furnishing choices.

In the end, you will create the best restaurant possible with polished concrete flooring. It is easy to maintain and keep sanitary, durable and attractive. Contact us for a free quote!