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In the healthcare industry, clean and sanitary conditions are the most important factors to consider when choosing what floor to install. For this reason hospitals, clinics and doctors are choosing polished concrete more and more. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has worked on projects big and small in the healthcare industry. With lots of satisfied clients let us tell you why a polished floor is the right choice for your facility.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete Healthcare Clients:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Doctors Offices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Offices
  • Nursing Homes

Cleanliness of Concrete

The obvious reason why healthcare institutions are interested in going with concrete as their floor of choice is because it is so easy to clean. Its seamless and monolithic design mean that there is no where for dirt, hair, bacteria and other pathogens to hide.

Your janitorial services can use various methods to clean the floor. Traditional mops work and the durability means light cleaning vehicles are no issue for our floors.

Safety Factors

Older facilities will often have tiles of laminate as the finishing floor. Safety issues can arise when these products get older and lift up from the subfloor. This can create uneven surface and tripping hazards. In a chaotic emergency room this is the last thing your medical team needs.

One hospital Ontario Self Leveling Concrete worked on reported they were ecstatic with our new floor because the transitions between areas created an area where wheelchairs and gurneys could get caught. Now the mobility is much better and the level concrete floor makes patient transport effortless.

LEED Points

Often times these projects are funded by Ontario municipalities and taxes which means sustainability and environmental factors must be considered. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can assist your project managers in obtaining the right products to satisfy your LEED certification.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can help to provide your project with a durable, customized, and long lasting floor that will be cheaper to maintain, cheaper to install and be one of the smartest choices available.

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