Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement-based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.  We work with architects in Ottawa to install level floors for residential & commercial construction projects.  

Helping & Supporting Architects with Ottawa floor construction by:

  • Quality of the self leveling cement mixture and aggregate is to specification
  • Customize concrete admixture to project specification & application
  • Safely deliver and install a level concrete floor or subfloor
  • Satisfaction guarantee and warranty support

We can work with architectural designs on any Ottawa floor construction project.  These days concrete is mainly used for interior residential and commercial flooring but we work with clients to install decorative concrete walls, micro-toppings and other features your design requires. 

Think about how you can incorporate polished concrete, radiant floor heating or resinous epoxy coatings in your firm’s next big project.  What characteristics do you require? The floor in your projection should improve the appearance & improve functionality too. Choose the requirements your floor needs, level & strong yes but why not impact resistant, anti-microbial & non-porous.  

Work with Ontario Self Leveling Concrete and see why we are one of the most professional contractors in Eastern Ontario & the Ottawa region.

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Level 40,000 Square Feet Of Project Per Day With Liquid Free Flowing Screeds 

Architectural Concrete Flooring In Ottawa

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is based out of Ottawa Ontario and works with Architects to install floor renovation, restorations and new installations. We work with professional architects to match the application with the kind of self leveling concrete your project requires.

Why Architects Work With Ontario Self Leveling Concrete

Architects work with us because we provide the concrete specified for their projects.  Sound attenuating, fire rating, abrasion-resistant… whatever the kind of application your project requires Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can spec in the best performing concrete for your floor. 

Decorative Concrete Finishes & Subfloors

Polished or coated concrete is a popular floor finish in Ottawa thanks to its durability, selection of colours and textures.  Even for Ottawa floor projects that utilize other materials (tile, laminate, hardwood) self leveling concrete is required to make a strong & level surface to install the floor on top of. 

With a wide array of customizations & concrete admixtures, available architects can express themselves without limitation for each construction project 

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