Radiant Floor Heating in Ottawa

Heating your home with water is very efficient and installing in-floor radionic heating is more practical than you think. Using a super-efficient gas boiler steam is used to heat up the floors in your house! Heating the floor feels incredible to walk on and the thermal mass of a heated concrete takes hours to cool down, unlike heated air.

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Ottawa Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating creates warmth from under your feet and can be fueled by hot water or electricity.  It is a growing trend amongst Ottawa homeowners who enjoy walking on heat floors.  In-floor radiant heating helps reduce the burden Ontario winters put on your furnace.  Also for homes with electric or oil heating, radiant floor heating help reduce operating cost during peak hours.

radiant floor heating

Why Self Leveling Concrete For Ottawa Heated Floors?

Whether you choose hydronic or electric floor heating you will need to cover the heating elements with a thin layer of self leveling cement.  Also known as screed, or underlayment, our job is creating a smooth flat surface that the floor can be installed on.

What Kind Of Floors Work With Radiant Heated Floors?

When it comes to heated flooring in Ottawa customers can choose any finish.  The in floor heating elements are installed under that floor finish so the client is free to choose and of the following floor finished:

-Polished Concrete

How Is Self Leveling Concrete Installed?

For larger projects, a cement truck and cement pump are delivered to the site and the self leveling underlayment is pumped onto the floor and left to cure for 24 hours.


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Ontario Self Leveling Concrete provides all the underlayments necessary for any kind of radiant heating.  We work with Ottawa home builders, general contractors and architects.

We can supply, install and finish anything pertaining to gypsum underlayments and specialize in radiant heating.  Looking for a quote on your underlayment needs?

We work on a range of projects from small to large so give us a call to put in a bid on your project.


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