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We provide the highest performing materials for cement, screed, and other concrete floor leveling & concrete flooring in Ottawa to home builders, general contractors, Ottawa architects, and project managers.

We are leaders when it comes to anything related to concrete flooring in Ottawa, Ontario


We are the experts! Let us find the right concrete floor leveling product for your application


Ontario Self Leveling Concrete provides sales, installation and products to job sites all over Ottawa & Eastern Ontario


Working with architects to build decorative & functional concrete flooring. Sound attenuation, fire retardation, & more.


Offerring the finest self leveling products from Lafarge, Ardex & other leading self leveling cement manufacturers. Get a free quote.


Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a full service leader in the Ottawa cement industry.

Self Leveling Concrete Experts in Ottawa

Our team is committed to growing the self leveling cement business. We will complete that goal by satisfying the contractors and supporting the construction industry in Ottawa.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete works with architects, builders & designers for renovations, retrofits, new construction and lots of other flooring projects.

Our expertise in concrete flooring in Ottawa goes beyond just installation.  We supply flooring to improve fire rating, sound attenuation, functional epoxy coatings, concrete polishing and of course self consolidating screed. 

We do more than just concrete floor leveling, our services include functional epoxy coatings, concrete micro toppings & polishing concrete floors.

We are the company Ottawa contractors trust to repair, restore and finish concrete floors.  Call to learn more about how we will prepare your project for a perfectly level floor ready to be finished in, epoxy, polishing, tile, hardwood or anything your clients require!

Who Can We Help?

Architects, General Contractors & Interior Designers Trust Us To Install Strong Self Leveling Concrete Flooring In Ottawa

ottawa architectural concrete flooring

Services For Architects

Ottawa architects keep us on speed dial to spec in light weight, free flowing screed to level floors in older Ottawa buildings. Call us for information on fire ratings, sound attenuation or with any other concrete questions. 

general contractor self leveling cocnrete service

Commercial & Residential Floors

Working with local Ottawa contractors to install self leveling floors, polished concrete & epoxy coatings.  Our projects are complete on time and to specification to keep your construction schedule on time. 

interior design self leveling floor contractor

Decorative Flooring

Interior designers work with us to provide features Ottawa homeowners want. Whether your client needs a concrete topping for radiant floor heating or a lightweight subfloor for marble tile. We can help. 

Our concrete floor leveling products


Agilia Screed A is the latest technological advancement in self leveling cement from Lafarge. Agilia is a liquid pumpable self-consolidating self-leveling cement. Work with our concrete experts on your next project we’ll make sure the curing time, hardness, workability and flow are all suitable for your site and project.


Ardex works with supplying Ontario Self Leveling Concrete with high quality, high performance solutions with your project in mind. For builders that require consistent solutions, Ardex has lots of products to fit your next job.  

In-Floor Radiant Heating

Learn about how we help contractors install radiant floor heating with self leveling screed underlayments.  We offer on-site mixing or can have pumpable self-leveling cement delivered for larger floor leveling projects.  Luxurious heated floors that improve home climate efficiency thanks to the thermal mass of in-floor heating. 

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We are always happy to help find the right product for your self leveling concrete in Ottawa.


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