Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a full service leader in the cement industry.

We are affiliated with many associations in Canada and Ontario.  These collaborative relationships help us strengthen our work by adhering to professional standards, furthering researching into concrete technology and by advocating for a common voice on issues that affect all workers in this industry from contractors to architects and unions. 


Click the links to read more about each association and how the regulate the industry in Ontario.

ASTM International

ASTM International works to increase global standards in the construction industry.  It works to develop and publish consensus and technical standards for construction and materials.  Membership in this association is voluntary but important since the ASTM International standards are often adopted and referenced in federal, provincial and municipal laws.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete strives to be a reputable and honest company and feel ASTM International affiliation demonstrates a commitment to consumer guidelines and safety.


CAMA (Concrete and Masonry Anchor Manufacturers Association) represents academia, regulatory bodies testing labs, and other trade associations.  CAMA works to enact codes for all the related concrete trades.  They are experts in overseeing the establishment of code, principles of design and testing anchors usage in concrete.  They also provide a platform and forum to discuss matters concerning the concrete anchor industry.


STAFDA represents some of the best leaders in the construction world.  It has over 2500 global members who use STAFDA with regards to networking, business development, educations in a communal effort to grow the concrete industry.  They work to promote value, methods and functions of fasteners, conduct industry research, educate members, advise on legislation and regulations and encourage friendly and professional competition within the industry.

ACD International

Since 1961 The Associated Construction Distributors International (ACDI) have been helping build concrete relationships through information sharing, cooperative marketing and training.  Affiliation with this organization has allowed many organizations succeed collectively and by themselves.  ACDI facilitates the useful exchange of ideas, educate its members, keep prices competitive, allow members to take advantage of new products by training, education and access to new products.  Companies associated with ACDI are very well trained and have access the latest construction technology thanks to its amazing network of individual members. 

BSD SpecLink-E

BSD Speclink-e develops commercial software that help architects, engineers, and contractors produce accurate estimates and implementations for projects in the construction industry.  When choosing your construction specialist you should look for an affiliation with BSD SpecLink-E as it means more accurate estimating and reporting for the project you are working with. 


American Concrete Institute is an association that helps provide tools like training, guides, reports and in general increasing the professional horizon.  The association has over 30,000 members committed to the advancement of the industry.  Whether it is through knowledge, networking or members discount the ACI is ready to work with concrete professionals world wide.