Food Service & Preparation

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Food Service & Preparation

The best solution for flooring in the food preparation/service industry is self leveling concrete. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has been working with lots of restaurants and food preparation facilities.

Concrete is a great choice because it is totally customizable, easy to clean, microbial resistant which are all sought after in restaurants and food preparation.

Advantages of Concrete

  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Slip
  • Durable

A self leveling floor is really great option for any location in your commercial facility.  We can guide you through the process from choosing the right product that suits your budget and schedule.  We specialize in anything concrete related from supply management, site preparation, installation and finishing.

Where To Install?

● Kitchen
● Dining Room
● Bar

● Lobby
● Washroom

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has experience working with truck stops, gas stations, restaurants and distilleries.  We are experts and can help you complete your project on time. Give us a call or simply fill out the form for more information. 

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