Stadium Flooring

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Stadium Flooring

Your stadium is the pride of your city. A chance to show off to every citizen, tourist and passerby why your venue is the best. You deserve the best floor available.

Polished concrete offers your facility the modern and exciting look you’re after. A fully customizable solution with your team’s colours, logo, and name. But your floor isn’t just decorative, it’s functional too! Your floor can direct traffic to concessions, washrooms, seating, and more!

Your polished concrete floor is going to have the fastest installation time when compared to other floors.  It is going to be strong enough to withstand….

  • the foot traffic of all the fans and concert lovers
  • frequent washing
  • and vehicles servicing the facility 

A polished concrete floor will be the longest lasting, toughest, most durable option with a low maintenance cost.  Your venue is booked months in advance.  Our installation is fast, and guaranteed to be ready for your next event.

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