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Educational institutions in Ontario get their budgets from taxes and other municipalities. With the amount of foot traffic these places get, Ontario Self Leveling Concrete provides the perfect floor at an affordable price.

When working on these projects and buildings the size can be immense often time approaching 50,000 square feet or more. The beautiful thing about installing concrete is that whether your project is small or large it is very scalable. This is why it is such an affordable project.

Low cost, Great Design, and Functionality

Schools love concrete flooring options because they can withstand the immense amount of foot traffic they get on a daily basis.  With foot traffic comes a lot of dirt that needs cleaning.  The seamless design makes polished concrete an amazing choice to reduce cleaning costs.  They are incredibly reflective floors which can help reduce lighting and energy costs. 

School Pride

Imagine having a floor that is decorated in the your school colours, has an inlay or your school mascot, logo or mission statement. The options for decorative concrete are only limited to what your school can think of.

Functionality in Design

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete clients love the customization and functionality we can add to the floor. Lining the perimeter with a border is a visual indicator which can add safety around walls and stairs. Designs can be included to inform users where toilets, offices and classrooms are located. Arrows can help younger students navigate during periods of high congestion between class.

It goes beyond that. They seamless floors creates a hazard free non slip surface which is useful for younger students in elementary schools and even mature students in the the winter times. Easy to clean and sanitary floors are a feature in kindergartens, gymnasiums and cafeterias.

The options are truly endless. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can provide the experts to help with supply, consulting, and installation for your next project. If you are with a school board, or contractor give our sales team a call and we would be glad to help you with your new floor.

We work across Eastern Ontario and have a lot of experience working with principals, super intendants, and various school boards. Call today and let’s chat.

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