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An uneven basement floor makes for a poor appearance, a potential safety hazard, and whatever you put on top of it will be cracked and damaged in no time. Foundations will settle over time which can create cracks and an uneven surface. In Ontario, with all the freezing and thawing we experience it is a very common issue for homeowners.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can help you level the surface and properly fix the floor so it will be strong enough to withstand the test of time. This will allow you to put tile, hardwood, carpet, or any finish you desire.

Our company can help with supply or installation and everything in between. If you want to have your floor repaired we can help with that. If you want a modern concrete floor leveling as a decorative layer we also help there.

Radiant Heating

For Ontario homeowners we can’t recommend in floor radiant heating enough. The feeling of placing your bare feet a on a warm slab in the fall, winter and spring months is much nicer than that of a cold floor.

In floor heating can be heated through electricity or hot water. If you are looking at installing a radiant heating system then you will need to look into the floor leveling compound in order to cover the heating elements.

Floor heating can shift the burden of heating your home from the furnace and offer cheaper alternatives to natural gas, oil, or electricity. There are a lot of advantages to heating your floor.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is expert in supply, management, and installation. We can provide whatever level of service you require depending on if you are a homeowner, contractor, or building developer in Ontario.

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