Renovation / Rehab

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Renovation/ Rehab

Refinishing and repairing concrete floors are what Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has specialized in for over a decade. We have the tools and machines to properly repair, resurface, refinish and concrete floor leveling in your home or project.

Guarantee & Warranty of concrete floor leveling Repair

Each floor is going to be different and we will need to assess the damage in order to complete a satisfactory restoration. We guarantee all our results and offer a full warranty on all the work we do. If you floor was sinking and cracking we can promise that those damages won’t appear again.

Again, the type of damage and type of concrete will determine how the repair is completed and the method we use. We have the experience and thousands of happy clients and customers. We would be glad to take a call and determine if your restoration is something we can help you with.

Give our customer service team a call today and let’s restore that concrete to its former beauty and glory. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is your concrete floor leveling expert in Ontario.

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We are always happy to help find the right product for your self leveling concrete in Ottawa.


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