Concrete Flooring Resurfacing / Repair

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Resurfacing / Repair

If you have a slab or floor in place often times we can just come in and repair it rather than starting from scratch. Resurfacing and repairs are the economical choice and can be as durable as a new concrete flooring installation.

If you are retrofitting or installing a new floor give us a call at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete. We can assess the condition of the current slab and work with you to getting the project complete.

What Are The Differences Between Gypsum & Hydraulic Cement

Gypsum Hydraulic
Cost Effective High Price Point
Bulk sand, sand, silica Bulk or Pre-blended
30,000 square feet / day Low Daily Volume
Average Dry Cure Times Good dry times
Varied Sound Rating No sound rating
3” lift per application 1” maximum per lift
Excellent over wood, concrete, underlayment only Can’t use over wood
Used with sound mat Can’t use with sound mat
100+ UL ratings Few UL ratings

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