Self Leveling

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

We employ gravity so you don’t have to!

With modern screeds they are designed to flow which has 2 amazing advantages for projects. First, a mixture with high viscosity is very slack and once poured gravity takes over and does the leveling for us. This reduces labour and keeps your project moving toward completion.

A flowing screed also means that it can be pumped! In urban areas, commercial or residential that means easier transportation from the truck to the site. Further reducing cost of placement and labour.

With these economical benefits it is easy to see the value Ontario Self Leveling Concrete screed gives. We are committed to providing excellent service and quality products.

Our admixtures can be customized to suit the needs of your project. From curing time, to deliverability self levelers do most of the work for you. In the end, the surface is left smooth and nearly finished.


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