Sound Attenuating

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Did you hear that? Neither did we thanks to the Ontario Self Leveling Concrete underlayment!

In modern structures where lightweight material is used because of budget restraints mitigating sound travel is a serious concern amongst designers.  That’s where our product comes in to save the day.  

Self leveling concrete is can be designed to reduce the transfer of noise and include the acoustic characteristic your project needs.  Whether that’s sealing the pores or adding a higher density aggregate we can create the specification you need.  

Structural noise transmission is a factor to consider when building in urban areas, commercial offices and residences.  Municipalities and Ontario have strict regulations as to what is accepted when it comes to acoustic transmission.  

Let Ontario Self Leveling Concrete work on your next project and we will satisfy every part, quality, supply, installation.  We are truly a full service contractor.

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