Agilia Screed A

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Agilia Screed A is latest technological advancement in self leveling cement from Lafarge.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can supply Agilia Screed A for you next project and work to make sure the curing time, hardness, workability and flow are all suitable for your site and project.  Planning in advance is the best way to prevent delays and make sure budgets stay on target. 

Where to Use Agilia Screed A:

  • Subfloor leveling
  • In floor heating
  • Unbonded/floating floors
  • Bonded flooring
  • New builds and renovation
  • Residential & commercial projects

Agilia Screed A Benefits

  • No shrinkage
  • No curling
  • High strength
  • Reduced weight
  • Easy to pump
  • Self Leveling
  • Reduced Labour cost
  • 10,000 square feet with no joints
  • 40,000 square feet per day
  • LEED points awarded

Characteristics of Agilia Screed A

Agilia Screed A uses Anhydrite as a composite reactive filler which means it can be applied with a pump, is free flowing, and naturally self leveling.  The finish provides a smooth and flat surface which is ideal for whatever finishing floor you choose.  Under the right conditions there will be no cracking and curling and offer a high quality finish.  The product is ideal for infloor and radiant heating whether electric or hydronic.  Lastly, the screed is hypoallergenic and free of bacteria.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a Lafarge Pro Network Partner

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is an exclusive provider and supplier of Lafarge’s Agilia Screed A. We have been trained and are authorized on proper use of equipment an applications through their Pro Network.  


Installation Conditions to Consider: 

  • Ambient temperature must be between 5-30 celsius
  • Humidity should be less than 60%
  • Joints at 10,000 square feet
  • Foot traffic with 24-48 hours


Ontario Self Leveling Concrete are certified concrete moisture testers and will determine moisture content before doing any work.  Any type of floor finish is suitable to be laid on top of Agilia Screed A. The screed is ideal for either bonded or floating floors.  Acoustic foam can be applied at a thickness of 35mm. 

We work with the industry leader in concrete technology and innovation so we can supply Ontario’s builders with the best products to build our infrastructure. 

Book a call with our sales team and find out more of the amazing advantages Agilia is going to provide your project!

Agilia Screed A Installation Guide

Agilia Screed A can only be supplied by a Lafarge Pro Network Partner.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has been trained in the both the installation and the equipment necessary.  Here are some Agilia Screed A install considerations for your project manager to consider.  We are available for consultation if you have any other questions. 

Agilia Screed A Installation Factors

Edge Detail

Polythene foam strips (6 mil/150 um) or other compressive material must be placed around the perimeter and other vertical elements. In the insulation boards are not supported they can be laid into a grout or slack screed mix to aid in support.

Substrate Types

Agilia Screed A can be on substrates made of:

  • Concrete Slab
  • Precase
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Insulation
  • Thin carpet
  • Timber 

For chipboard or similar products the screed must be unbonded making sure the board has adequate ventilation underneath once the compound is laid. 

Ambient Conditions

Agilia Screed A can only be laid when the temperature is between 5-30 celcius.  In Ontario heating must be considered for a winter season installation.  The substrate should not be frozen and ideally within the temperature range of the air.  The relative humidity should be below 60%.  No curing is required but the floor should be protected from high wind, sunlight and direct heat for 72 hours. 


Joints are not required for areas under 10,000 square feet. 

Slump-flow Measurement

When Ontario Self Leveling Concrete arrives on site the sump flow will be 240-270mm for Agilila screed A.  We consult with Lafarge to ensure the flows are accurate.

Following Placing

The room where the screed is installed should be sealed for 48 hours.  Foot traffic can resume in 24 hours-48 hours depending on climate conditions.  Surface laitance should be removed by sanding the surface. 

Residual Moisture Content

Before any product is laid the floor should be check by a certified concrete moisture tester.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete has certified concrete moisture testers on staff.  Screed A should reach a moisture content of 0.5% within the first month before receiving an epoxy coating.  While tiles and carpet can be installed after 2 weeks.  Forced drying should be avoided when possible especially within the first 3 days.  

Bonded Applications

Agilia Screed a is placed directly on the concrete surface.  Naturally the surface must be kept clean and dry.  Any holes and gaps must be sealed to prevent leaking.  Before placing any product a primer is required to ensure proper adhesion.  By scarring the surface of the concrete adhesion and bonding characteristics are greatly increased.  

Unbonded and Floating Screeds

The base is first cleaned and then a polythene sheet is put on the floor.  It must be level enough that insulation boards will not rock up and down.  To support the insulation boards a thin layer of screed can be laid.  The polythene layer should have a minimum thickness of 150um and a maximum thickness of 350um.

Thermal and Acoustic Flooring & Radiant Heating

Agilia Screed A can be laid as an unbonded coat over many types of inflexible insulation board and acoustic dampening foam (max thickness 35mm)

Radiant Floor Heating

Agilia Screed A is the ideal product to use when installing in floor radiant heating elements, regardless if you choose water or electric for your project.  Since Agilia Screed A can be laid so thin (30mm) it is the best product on the market for this use.  The thinner the floor the faster and more efficiently the system can release heat into the environment.  Agilia Screed A has great compaction which eliminates air bubbles further increasing the energy efficiency when compared to traditional screeds.  All in all, Agilia Screed A is going to perform 3 times better then cement based screeds. 


We are the Agilia Screed A experts and can help you with any information needed.  Give our friendly and knowledgeable experts a call today.  The professionals at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete are happy to help.  

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