Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Ardex works with supplying Ontario Self Leveling Concrete with high quality, high performance solutions with your project in mind.  For builders that require consistent solutions Ardex has lots of products to fit you next job.

We offer amazing support and are technical and installation experts.  We provide on site support, installation and supply of the product you need.  We work with architects, builders, contractors, engineers and managers to make sure you get a professional installation.

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete will make sure the job is done right and we offer a wide range of Ardex products that are guaranteed on every project.  Call us today and learn if Ardex is the floor leveling product for you.


Ardex underlayments are blends of Portland and hydraulic cement that is self leveling, has a smooth finish, and adheres well. The product has good flexibility and moisture resistance. Ardex products are design to be used on indoor applications and are suitable for wood, terrazzo, ceramic, decorative concrete and epoxy coatings.


Key benefits

  • Versatile finishing products
  • No water needed (latex mixture)
  • Mechanical profiling not required
  • Foot traffic in 2-3 hours
  • Can combine with moisture control systems
  • Interior use
Ontario Self Leveling can help supply, install, and finish the underlayments on your next project. We work with Ardex as a distributor and installer. Give us a call and see if latex smoothing self leveling products are right for your project. We are happy to answer any questions you might have we are flooring experts in Ontario.

Toppings & Polished Concrete

Ardex offers residential and commercial grade top coatings for decorative and polished concrete.  Ontario Self Leveling Concrete offers a wide variety of Ardex products that can be installed on many different surfaces.  

Ardex has a blend of Portland and hydraulic cement that is fast drying, self leveling and perfect for polished concrete.  

Key Features:

  • Level new or existing concrete slabs
  • Accommodates ⅜ – 5” with aggregate
  • Foot traffic in 2 hours
  • Polish next day


Book a sales call with Ontario Self Leveling Concrete today. Our team of product experts can answer all the questions you have from cost to delivery. 

Moisture Control

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete offers Ardex moisture control coatings which helps fight against moisture vapor emission. They are easy and quick to apply, provide excellent coverage, adhesion and are backed with our satisfaction guarantee.  

Depending on the requirements of your project we offer single and two coat moisture control systems.  The products are 100% solids and formulated to work with other Ardex products.  

Feature Benefits:

  • Works in high RH%
  • Excellent coverage
  • Foot traffic in 4 hours
  • 100% solids
  • Excellent adhesion 

If you have any questions call the experts at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete today.  We work to satisfy all our customers and have a team of customer service and sales experts who are eager to help. 

Concrete Repair

Ardex offers consistent results for every type of repair project.  With help from Ontario Self Leveling Concrete we can find the right product for the kind of concrete repair you need.  

Ardex offers engineered concrete repair systems that can solve structural and non-structural damage.  It can be applied indoors, and outdoors, vertically and horizontally, on cracks, joints and ceilings.  There is a complete line of restoration options for many applications.

Concrete Repair Features:

  • Reslope and reform surfaces
  • Hardens fast
  • Use on floors and walls
  • Works with pneumatic wheeled traffic
  • Interior & exterior

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete specializes in concrete repair and would love to help with your next project.  If you have any questions or need a quote call our customer service and sales team today. 

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We are always happy to help find the right product for your self leveling concrete in Ottawa.


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