Concrete Deck Systems

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leading supplier of cement based self levelers and a certified Lafarge installer.

Cast-in-place or Precast

No matter if you choose cast-in-place or precast solution, Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can provide you with the supply of materials and expertise. Cast-in-place is a thin concrete slab between 7 to 12 inches. Its advantages are its low cost and ease of installation. Precast on the other hand has a faster installation and quicker placement.

Concrete decks are designed to meet the requirements for service limit and strength limits. Taking advantage of technological advancements means that newer more durable concrete can be used to extend the average lifespan of construction decks. By minimizing shrinkage, it reduces cracking which can help to delay corrosion inside.

By using different type of sand based aggregate it allows for less solids in the admixture reducing the solids by 25% and increasing the retention of water. By using these amazing new products companies can pour thinner decks reducing cost, speeding up installation and increasing strength.

For the fastest and production and supply of your concrete flooring, contact the pros at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete. We specialize in supplying materials for deck fabrication systems like:

  • High Performance Concrete
  • Cross Sections for Girders
  • Prestress Losses
  • Objectives and Scope

We would love to help you spec your next concrete deck project. We work with architects, contractors and major firms in Ontario in supplying the right product for the project you are working on. Ontario Self Leveling Concrete are leaders in concrete supply management in Canada.

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