If your concrete floor is looking worse for wear, you are probably considering an update to the flooring.  This is a good idea.  An appropriate coating for concrete will strengthen it and renovate the area in one step.  It will also provide a level of protection from nicks and scratches.  The end result is a glossy finish and a renovated area.

Concrete flooring is often found in garages, auto shops, or extra rooms.  For an excellent choice in coatings, consider epoxy.  It will afford a measure of safety to any place that takes a lot of foot traffic. 

Epoxy Coating

What is termed epoxy floor coating is comprised of epoxide resin, a polyamine hardener and other specific additives.  Combining these elements creates a chemical reaction that will provide stability and endurance to the original concrete floor.  The solution is applied and as it cures, or fully dries, it forms a new seal and surface. 

There are a number of advantages to using an epoxy coating.  Here are some:

  • Appearance – The finished look of a concrete floor with epoxy coating is sleek.  It has a shiny appearance that will give the space a larger appearance.  The coating will also mask any defects in the concrete.  It can have added color to change or enhance the area or you can ask for chips of mica or quartz to give it a decorative, speckled look.  Metallic elements can also be included.  Whatever you decide, the area will have a new dimension turning a utilitarian room into a showpiece.
  • Price – Epoxy is considerably less expensive than having the current flooring removed and replaced with tile or vinyl.  These alternatives include the cost of the product and installation.  Adding an epoxy coating also saves all the demolition time.  Using a coating means you leave the existing flooring and simply revamp it with a shiny and bright surface.  While there is some time delay because the substance must dry thoroughly between coats, but it is still significantly shorter than a complete removal and replacement option.  The price of a professional to apply the epoxy is well worth it.  The installers will understand all the techniques and application processes and will have the right gear to complete the job safely.
  • Resistance – Rooms with concrete floors are generally high-traffic areas like garages, laundry rooms, and basements.  Sealing the floor with an epoxy coating will add to the resistance from water, heat, or chemicals.
  • Shock Resistant – Impact from heavy items or the rolling of a car over and over the surface can create divots and nicks in the concrete.  Adding an epoxy coating will reinforce the surface and reduce the amount of damage from machinery, tools, exercise and recreational equipment, and other items.
  • Heat Resistance – After the epoxy coating has cured appropriately, it can resist limits of up to 200 degrees F of heat.  There are other higher grades that will provide even higher heat limits.  Why would you need such a level of resistance?  Garages and kitchens can easily generate that amount.
  • Chemical Resistance – A garage floor is prone to accumulate fluids, like oil and antifreeze.  With an epoxy coating, those substances can easily be cleaned up and the epoxy will remain unharmed.  In fact, the coating will actually keep the chemicals from seeping through onto the concrete below.
  • Water Resistance – Basements are frequently in danger of flooding and spills.  Using an epoxy coating will help the floor from buckling from water damage.  The coating will repel the water, so it may be slippery on the surface until the water is mopped up.
  • Durability – An epoxy coating will last longer than tile, carpeting or wood.  This makes it an economic and practical solution to an unsightly concrete floor.
  • Protection – As mentioned earlier, epoxy is applied right over the existing concrete.  It creates a type of membrane to prevent staining, water damage, and dings.  It also acts as a barrier to prevent the concrete from crumbling over time.
  • Strength – As stated, epoxy coatings are great at handling impacts, but it can also add to the strength of the surface, so that the concrete can support a greater weight.  When the epoxy is properly bound, it creates a rigid surface to withstand heavy loads as well as the wear and tear of use.  It also acts as an inhibitor for corrosion.
  • Maintenance – Upkeep is simple.  A simple sweep will take care of dust and debris.  Salt from winter road icing is easy to clean.  The surface can be cleaned with a mop or the use of a vacuum.  It has been reported that bacteria, grime, or other substances do not adhere to epoxy.  Simple soap or detergent and water are the recommended cleaning agents.
  • Safety – Because of its shiny surface, an epoxy coated floor will reflect light making the room or garage brighter.  More light means a greater measure of safety when working or walking.  It also provides a stronger traction to prevent slips and falls.  There are other additives like grit, mortar, or aluminum oxide to provide more solid footing.   Consult with your professional about what is available and recommended for your use of the space.
  • Precautions – Proper installation includes appropriate ventilation.  Because the curing process creates harmful fumes, it is necessary to take appropriate precautions during its installation and drying.
  • Vehicles – Untreated concrete can add to the wear of vehicle tires.  The smooth surface of epoxy produces little traction so your tires will last longer.  Since epoxy has greater strength, it is possible to store a vehicle for a longer period of time without concern.  Also any spills or drops from products used in the maintenance of vehicles will be no problem.
  • Eco-Friendly – Epoxy is really composed of only a few elements.  The fact that it will endure for a greater amount of time, adds to the ecological benefits of its use.  It is the best choice for a “green” remodelling of a concrete floor.

When you decide to have your concrete coated with epoxy, use a professional service.  These experts will be able to advise about any additions you want to make to the mix, the expected curing time and specifications necessary. 

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