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Concrete Floor Leveling


Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leader in supplying products and performing floor leveling, following all the requirements your project needs

Concrete Floor Leveling

Ontario Self Leveling Concrete is a leader in supplying products and performing concrete flooring leveling, following all the requirements your project needs. In recent years some of our projects for self leveling concrete in Ottawa have pertained to:

  • Residential Contractors
  • Distilleries
  • Factories
  • Fire Stations
  • Garages
  • Basements

Choosing a Supplier for concrete floor leveling in Ottawa? What to Consider


Time and ambient temperature are closely related when looking into self leveling products for your project. Often times contractors and architects are under a lot of pressure to complete installations on time so other trades can move in. In Ontario the outside temperature can cripple the schedule depending on curing time and the temperature.

Ottawa Self Leveling Concrete can help you find the right concrete floor leveling product that will cure fast enough to keep your project on time without compromising durability or blowing up your budget.


Concrete Floor Leveling Cost and Application

Floor Leveling Budget

We run a business so we know how important an accurate budget is in order to complete your goals. Gypsum-based products are generally going to be the cheapest but are they really the smartest choice? Often times a more expensive floor leveling product can save cost when you consider installation factors like labour and location.

It is very important you have the concrete floor leveling expert advice so you can make the best-informed decision, and not just go with the “cheapest”.

Some products might have a lower price tag in the beginning but factors like strength, compression and adhesion can reduce quality if not considering all aspects. Luckily with our experience and expertise we can make educated recommendations based on our industry leading knowledge.

Finishing Product & Application

Depending on what is going on the floor and what the surface is being used for can determine the type of underlayment required. Depending on the strength you require we can find the right product for you.

Some underlayments can have nice aesthetics with minimal to no extra work. Top coatings can be applied which give an excellent seal and vibrant appearance. Great for lofty apartments, trendy shops, malls, salons and coffee shops Ontario Self Leveling Concrete can supply an amazing floor that gives a “wow” experience.

Let Ontario Self Leveling Concrete help you on your next flooring project whether decorative, functional or everything in between.

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