Gypsum Underlayment Repair

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Gypsum Underlayment Repair

Modern technology means that gypsum underlayments are stronger and more adaptable than ever before. Aging underlayments, ones that were installed before technological advancements, and shoddy installers could all be factors in your damaged floor. It can be fixed, just make sure you call the experts at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete. When hiring a professional to do your gypsum floor repair the important aspects are to inspect, clean and finally resurface. Here the process we use at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete to repair damage gypsum subfloor.

Repair Process:

Any floor covering and finishes must be removed exposing the damaged area. Wate might be applied to the damaged area to subdue dust. Using a circular saw remove 1/32” depth of the affected area. Primer is applied to the repair area using a brush or spray gun. A batch of self leveling product is mixed and applied to the damaged area with a float or trowel. The finished floor can be reapplied after the underlayment has fully cured (box fan can be used to speed up cure time).

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Do not trowel pourable products
  • Do not use on exterior areas
  • Do not use chemicals to remove adhesives left from top layer
  • Adhere to structural recommendations of manufacturers PSI
  • Do not mix products

Professional companies can repair your gypsum based underlayments. Each floor is unique and the damage and cause needs to be considered when triaging your floor. The expert and professional service from the team at Ontario Self Leveling Concrete would be glad to help you through the process. Give us a call if you have a damaged gypsum subfloor or underlayment.

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